To find out about some of the awards made by The Foundation and what the recipients think about us use the links below.

Palliative Care ‘The Foundation is always a pleasure to work alongside, and we are truly grateful for their continued understanding, compassion and investment in our work.’- Rachel Alfieri, CLIC Sargent

‘We are very grateful for the support of The James Tudor Foundation, it will help us achieve our key objective over the next five years which is to reach more people so that they can benefit from the range of services and support we offer.’- Andrew Fletcher, Longfield  Read more

Medical Research ‘We are very grateful to The James Tudor Foundation for supporting the Clinical Research Post to help us drive this vital and underfunded research forward’- Professor Richard Grundy, Nottingham University

‘We are indebted to the Trustees of The James Tudor Foundation, not only for their financial support but for their sustained interest in and engagement with this novel programme of research.’ - Professor Richard Downing, The Islet Laboratories   Read more

Health Education ‘With support from organisations like James Tudor, we believe attitudes will change. We look forward to continued partnership work with The Foundation to achieve this’ – Emily Kerr-Muir, Body and Soul

‘The Foundation was brilliant throughout the whole application process and we are so grateful for their support.’- Bal Kainth, Little Hearts Matter  Read more

Direct Relief of Sickness ‘We are incredibly grateful for all of the support The Foundation has given us over the years and cannot thank them enough.’-Sam Thomas, The Harbour

‘We were delighted when the grants were approved and look forward to a successful relationship with The Foundation in the future.’– Deborah Bowen, Hafal  Read more

Overseas  ‘The James Tudor Foundation's 2015 grant has made a huge difference to our trauma counselling programme in post-war northern Uganda’- Liz Prince Network 4 Africa

‘Gratitude and thanks to The James Tudor Foundation who have been supporting our work since 2012.’ Jyotismati Weiss, Green Tara Trust Read More

Other Means ‘The funding of the post has meant that I've been able to recruit new volunteers to do things like raise awareness and offer support to people by hosting network meetings’– Liam Sloan, Narcolepsy UK Read more