Overseas Projects

The Foundation has been involved in supporting projects overseas run by UK registered charities since it was established.

The Foundation has supported projects in many countries around the world:

Maternal Health: The Foundation supports midwife training in Liberia undertaken by Life for African Mothers and a maternal health programme in Ozarichi, Belarus for Chernobyl Children In Need. In addition, The Green Tara Trust is being supported to set up birthing centres and outreach ante /post-natal support in Nawalparasi, Nepal.

Leprosy: The Leprosy Mission has improved the care and support for leprosy sufferers in Bangladesh and Nepal with funding from the Foundation over a number of years. Recently, The Foundation contributed towards an appeal to rebuild the hospital at Anandaban,  Nepal following damage from the recent 2015 earthquakes.

Prevention of Sickness: Piped water and water boreholes have been provided in Uganda by Aim for Change, leading to improvements in health and hygiene, as well as preventing the spread of waterborne diseases and infections. With the support of The Foundation, Y Care International has been able to fund 8 new medical dispensaries in the slums of Madagascar helping to reduce the risk of disease and improving youth awareness of the importance of hygiene and sanitation.

Relief of Sickness: Motivation provides wheelchairs and adapted seating to disabled children in Tanzania, giving them mobility and allowing the children to take part in community life and attend school. Network 4 Africa has been able to support counselling facilities in Uganda for people dealing with mental illness caused by Post Traumatic Stress.

Sensory Disabilities: Sense International Romania's Early Intervention Programme (EIP) tests new born babies for blindness and deafness, this service is now embedded in Romanian Law; the project has been supported by The Foundation for five years.