Other Means

The Foundation may receive applications that do not neatly fit into one of the other five programmes areas but which do meet the requirement of the relief of sickness.

The Foundation has supported projects such as:-

Disability Advisors: The Foundation is supporting the salary of a welfare advisor at The Isle of Wight Law Centre; the role supports disabled people who are moving from the Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payments. 

Assisted Housing: With help from The Foundation, Aspire has provided a second converted bungalow in Bristol for the use of spinally injured people and their carers’ while in rehabilitation.

Assisted Technology: The Foundation has continued to support the Aspire Assistive Technology programme to run a volunteer service that helps people with spinal cord injuries to realise their potential for greater independence through the use of assistive technology.

Equipment: Chailey Heritage School, in Sussex, received funds that contributed towards the cost of equipping a multi-sensory room helping children and young adults to develop communication and motor skills. 

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